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House of Hope Recovery Center Inc.
About Us

Current Operations
The House of Hope Recovery Center is a 29 bed sober living home for recovering alcoholics. Our residents come from in-patient treatment facilities, detox centers, correctional facilities, DWI programs, judges and attorneys from across New Mexico. Occasionally an alcoholic man will seek us out himself, looking for a new start in life. 

Our program ranges from six months to one year in length. The intent is to furnish these individuals with the necessary tools to enrich their lives once again and to help them become productive and contributing members of the community.

The house is served by a full time Chief Administrator, and a live in Resident Manager. 
The cost for residency is $165 weekly, which covers room, board, and laundry facilities. Incoming residents must pay two weeks ($330) in advance upon entry. This allows the resident time to secure employment. Alamogordo has been extremely supportive of our residents. There is no application or entrance fees.

Our residents typically vary in age from 18 to 65, come from all walks of life, professions and areas within New Mexico, many having lost their families, homes and jobs as a result of the disease. They must secure employment, attend 12-step meetings, and participate in the upkeep of the house.   

We make a living by what we get.

We make a life by what we give.

Our Goals
Our mission objective is to provide a safe environment for and to serve in the recovery of alcoholic men. We provide a secure and structured sober living environment focusing on responsibility, enterprise, and character for rebuilding the lives of newly sober alcoholic men.